Learn Technology Basics

Below, you will find a number of free online resources for assistance with common technologies (Microsoft Office, email, computer basics, Windows, etc.). If you are interested in scheduling a one-on-one session with a staff member to learn more about a given topic contact us at 812-384-4125 or contact us online. The Library may not be able to provide assistance with all of the listed technologies.

Computer Basics
GCF LearnFree.org - This link includes tutorials on computer basics, learning how to use a mouse, and a typing lesson
Mousing Around - An activity to practice using a mouse on a computer
Mouse Exercises - Another good activity to practice using a mouse on a computer
TypingWeb – Learn how to type for free, with step-by-step instructions and guides to follow
Northstar Digital Literacy Project - Free digital literacy assessments to see where your skills stand with computer basics, the Internet, email, Windows 7, Mac OSX, and Microsoft Word
DigitalLearn.org - Free online courses to get you started on topics such as computer basics, using a Windows PC, Using a Mac, basic Internet searching, using email, navigating a website, online job searching, and online file storage

Email Basics
Email Basics - This link includes tutorials on email basics, Gmail, and online communication beyond email
Intro to Email - The perfect class to get you started using email
Intro to Email (Part 2) – Part two of the above introduction to email course
Gmail – A free email provider if you are interested in signing up (Google)
Outlook – Another free email provider (Microsoft)
Outlook.com Basics - Outlook.com email overview
Yahoo! – A third free email provider

Internet Basics & Safety
Internet Basics - This link includes tutorials and overviews of common Internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
Online Safety - Courses on Internet safety and Internet safety for kids
Basic Search - A course on searching for information on the Internet
Navigating a Website - A course on navigating a website on the Internet

Microsoft Office
Office 2013 - Microsoft Office 2013 training (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word)
Office 2010 - Microsoft Office 2010 training (Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word)
Office 2007 - Microsoft Office 2007 training (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word)
Office Training - Official Microsoft Office training (search for what you are seeking – such as ‘Word 2010′ or ‘PowerPoint 2013′ to find training resources)

Operating Systems (Windows/Mac/Devices)
Windows – Windows 8, Windows 7, and older versions of Windows training courses
Using a PC (Windows 7) – Windows 7 training course
Mac OS - Mac OSX Mavericks, Mountain Lion, and Lion training courses
Using a Mac (OS X) – Mac OSX training course
Devices – iPad and iPhone basics training courses

Photography Techniques/Editing
Digital Photography - A course on some basic techniques to improve the quality of the pictures taken with your digital camera
PIXLR – An online based photo editor (no download required)
Flickr – Store and manage your photos online with Flickr

Social Media
Social Media - Courses on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Skype, and Blogging
Get Started on Facebook - Helpful for Facebook beginners
Welcome to Twitter - FAQs and helpful links for getting started on Twitter
LinkedIn Help Center - Search for questions you may have with getting started on LinkedIn
A Guide to Pinterest - A guide to help get you get started
Getting Started with Skype - This takes you to the Windows instructions, but there are links to other versions listed on that page

Using the Cloud
Using the Cloud - Courses on getting started with both Google’s Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive and Office Online are offered
Cloud Storage - A course that will give you a basic overview of what cloud storage is and why you may need to use it